Cut down your Bleeding Hearts

Cut your Bleeding Hearts down to about 10 inches when they are looking ratty after a long spring bloom around the end of June and they will often bloom again. Once you get into August its time to trim down some of your spring blooming plants so they are ready for next year. The Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis is one of the best old fashioned perennials with a long blooming season. They will often bloom into summer if they are happy with their growing conditions. Once the bloom has faded they can be cut to the ground and if they are large enough you can divide the roots and move them to a new location. We often say that August is Iris month as it is the best time for their division, but it is also Bleeding Heart month and other spring bloomers too that need a tidy job or a relocation. Enjoy the summer and remember to follow us at Grower Coach on Facebook and Instagram and tune into the AM1150 garden show every Saturday morning at 8am! Ken Salvail