About Grower Coach

GrowerCoach.com is a new website from Ken Salvail designed to empower and inspire gardeners. Ken’s 40 years of experience, in a wide range of horticulture topics, makes his advice indispensable. GrowerCoach.com is the ‘go to’ site for garden information.

Through this website and his two garden shows, Ken will bring a variety of detailed information on trees, shrubs, weeds, insects, vegetable crops, landscapes, composting and irrigation.

Ken loves to share his experience and will do this through blogging, articles, literature, podcasts, videos, pictures, and social media.

Ever passionate about gardening, Ken has returned to the speakers’ circuit. He is also an instructor for the Master Gardeners program in the Okanagan. Ken also plans to reach out to community garden groups and schools to develop a closer relationship with all the other passionate gardeners out there and hopefully cultivate a bunch of new ones!

A large video vault is currently under construction, for future release as well. Subscribe to Grower Coach on YouTube for a teaser.

Some of Ken’s experiences include growing over 5000 different herbaceous perennials in his own perennial production nursery as well as numerous crops of nursery stock such as trees, shrubs and aquatic plants.

Grower Coach founder Ken Salvail

His wide knowledge base of propagation is highlighted by a great experience assisting Don, at Burnett’s Nurseries, with the production of Poinsettias and other greenhouse crops. Ken was also a production manager at a cucumber and tomato production greenhouse operation where he built the facilities and grew the crops.

Ken’s journey began in the summer of ’79 as a student landscaper, blossomed into growing tropical plants the next year and kick-started his passion into a life-long, amazing career.

Tune in to Ken Salvail and Don Burnett Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. on the AM1150 Garden Show and catch Ken online every Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. onokanaganvalleyradio.com with the Grower Coach Garden Show. Ken talks about gardening, interviews interesting guests from the world of plants. To keep things fresh and interesting, Ken often does garden walkabouts.

Join Ken each week for a “Get Into The Garden” experience with the Grower Coach Garden Show!

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