Plant of the Week - Peony Rings Go On Early This Year!

Itoh Peony with Cambridge Pink Geraniums Peony rings go on early this year! Every spring I get lost in the myriad of blooms and run around seemingly doing all the chores that I think I need to do. I have such a long list some times I'm adding more than I check off! But by the time I think of staking my Peony's its too late . They have grow and already started to bloom. So last year I decided to put up my peony rings during the spring cleanup and that was the best idea I've had in a long time! So now I tell everyone to put up your peony rings nice and early and just let the peony grow into the its support. I have also learned to appreciate the heavy duty plant supports that are now becoming common place in the garden centres. I always wondered who invented those flimsy plant supports and tomato cages?? They have never grown a Peony or Tomato that's for sure! I had to get over the sticker shock of paying 40 to 60.00 for a peony ring but I must say it will last until I sell my house or even the farm for that matter! I do have an appreciation for good sturdy plant supports that is for sure! Ken