Seasonal Irrigation Adjustments

Most irrigation systems have a season adjustment or water budget setting that can be moved up and down depending on weather conditions. Adjust up 5-10% if temperatures are very hot or down 5-10% if very cool. Setting this budget affects all zones at the same time. I generally don't recommend to go down more that 20% but you can go up more if needed. I normally start the season with a 2 day per week setting at 80 or 90% then as temperatures get warmer I move up to 100% then as we get into the heat of summer I go to 3 days per week and if it gets really hot I may move my budget up to 120% thus increasing my entire timer by 20%. I suggest to follow your communities water restriction guidelines through any of these changes. Enjoy the summer and I hope it stops raining and finally gets warm! Ken Salvail