Fall Garden Checklist

The temperature is starting to dip and the daylight hours are getting shorter. It’s time to start your fall garden preparation!

Fall Garden Checklist

This fall garden checklist is a handy guide to help you wrap up your garden and prepare for the winter ahead.

  1. Write down your spring garden plans as you prepare for winter.
  2. Make a plan to get some chunky mulch to cover delicate plants for winter (roses).
  3. Divide your biggest overgrown perennials.
  4. Don’t divide grasses until spring.
  5. Clean out your worm bins and prep them for the winter.
  6. Plan to collect leaves into garbage cans to keep and mold over winter.
  7. Plant as many bulbs as you can afford and don’t forget the giant alliums!
  8. Divide and redistribute the longest blooming perennials to get more colour.
  9. Don’t forget to remove all hoses from the outside taps to prevent burst pipes due to freezing temperatures.
  10. Move-in all tropical patio plants to keep safe until spring.
  11. Put all garden debris into the compost pile to prevent diseases from growing in garden beds.

Those are the basics!

The most important timely tip is to get your tropicals in before they get chilled. They don’t like temperatures much below 10C.

Good luck with your fall gardening and send me some new garden ideas to explore for 2020! ken@growercoach.com