Is Gardening The Antidote For Technology?


Is Gardening The Antidote For Technology?



   The world today has brain washed a lot of us into believing that total emersion in technology is normal. It is now almost a requirement that everyone has instant communication with everyone else. This is a painful reality. I will suggest that regular communication with loved ones and friends is a great thing and that in case of an emergency we can call for help. Some people actually get perturbed if they text you and you don't answer immediately There is often overload.

   I have heard that all these computer and phone screens are causing us to have short attention spans. Our brains have become accustomed to this constant stimulation and are skipping around looking for the next thing. Young people may be trapped in this lifestyle, but I would recommend that everyone, kids included, take a good long break at least once per day.  Phones off, iPad off, TVs and computers off and leave it all inside. Go out to the garden and reconnect with nature.

   Most gardeners know the benefit of peace of mind that gardening can bring. It is the best and most popular past times of all time. Find some insects to watch (not kill). Find some birds to listen to. Pull some weeds and eat a few cherry tomatoes.


   Any outdoor activity is a good break, Plants need daily attention to keep them happy and thriving. Creating a daily habit of caring for your plants can be very relaxing. It is so great to be able to pick a bouquet of peonies or cut a hand full of chives that you grew yourself. Wow the senses are firing up already just thinking about it!

   The garden should be a sanctuary of sorts and anyone lucky enough to have the space to have a garden is extremely lucky. Even a small space like a deck or kitchen window box may have to do. There are so many garden related projects that could be accomplished at almost any time of the year that all it takes is the ability to shut off the devices and get creative.

   I look forward to the days of summer when I can put my phone down and eat some beans straight from the vine! I believe gardening is the antidote for technology overload.

   Hopefully we can spread the word in 2022 to shut off the devices and go play in the garden!


Ken Salvail