Kasugai Gardens

Kasugai Gardens is located off Queensway Boulevard east of City Hall in downtown Kelowna. The walls surrounding the garden create a tranquil environment which features many traditional elements of a Japanese garden. Stone lanterns, stunning ornamental pine trees, a waterfall and a pond provide the perfect ambience for visitors. The gardens were completed in 1987 to symbolize the friendship between Kelowna and Kasugai, Japan, sister cities since 1981.

Photo source: https://www.kelowna.ca/parks-recreation/parks-beaches/parks-beaches-listing/kasugai-gardens

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The Kelowna-kasugai sister city Association

In 1977 the BC Minister of Tourism suggested that Kelowna be considered a potential Sister City to Kasugai. Over the next few years, gifts and visits were freely exchanged and in 1981 a Sister City Agreement was signed.

The Kelowna-Kasugai Sister City Association was established (1983) to:

  • Promote and enhance the Sister City relationship between Kelowna, British Columbia and Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
  • Plan and coordinate communication between interested groups and individual citizens of the two cities
  • Plan and coordinate reciprocal visits between the citizens of the two cities

Photo source: https://www.kelowna.ca/parks-recreation/parks-beaches/parks-beaches-listing/kasugai-gardens


The Gardens were co-designed by the cities of Kelowna and Kasugai. Building funds were raised through the efforts of both the City of Kelowna and the Kelowna-Kasugai Sister City Association. In 1983, in Kasugai, Japan “Kelowna Boulevard”, was dedicated to our growing friendship. It was complete with a replica of the Kelowna sails. The following year a site behind Kelowna City Hall was dedicated to link the citizens of Kelowna and Kasugai. That site is now known as Kasugai Gardens. Completed in 1987, the Gardens symbolize the friendship between the cities, providing residents and visitors with a pleasant and relaxing environment for quiet reflection.

Photo source: https://www.kelowna.ca/parks-recreation/parks-beaches/parks-beaches-listing/kasugai-gardens