Right Plant, Right Place

We often use the phrase Right Plant, Right Place to remind ourselves and our customers that there is always a right plant(s) for a specific location. Sadly, we too often see plants which are just not right for the spot chosen for them – they are too big, too small, too vigorous, too slow growing, appealing to deer, wrongly situated in either too much shade or sun, the list goes on.

Here is an excellent example of plants which have been planted in a space which is far too small for them. The picture shows a row of forsythias which have been planted to form a linear hedge running alongside a sidewalk. These shrubs are too big for this location and, true to their nature; they are fulfilling their genetic destiny in consistently outgrowing this space. Consequently, they need to be regularly trimmed to fit the small space they have been given. This costly maintenance is resulting in plants which do not have their own natural and beautiful form and, which are producing far less blooms than they are capable of.

On the other hand, the photo below shows the same type of plant (Forsythia) planted in a location space with enough space to achieve its full mature size; in other words, where it can fulfill its genetic destiny.  This group of shrubs requires no maintenance whatsoever, and it looks spectacular! 

So, when you are next out buying plants, remember they will grow and reach the size given on the plant label (and sometimes more!).  In short, they will fulfill their genetic destiny!  Don’t buy your plants because they look good in their pots at the Garden Centers, do your research and select an appropriate plant in the first place.