Top 10 Houseplant Tips

Top 10 Houseplant Tips 

1. When you water, water well, then allow to dry a bit between each watering.

2. Water in multiple small amounts and cover the entire surface of the soil.

3. Run water through the pot and down the drain called leaching about every 2 months

4. Repot only when plants are out growing their pots and move up only 1 or 2 pot sizes.

5. Repot at the beginning of the growing season so in Canada we repot in March or April.

6. Use quality potting mix don't take chances making your own soil mix.

7. Wash your pots between uses to be sure not to spread diseases to other plants.

8. House plants need light so keep close to windows or under grow lights.

9. Learn your plants name and find out where it's from for hints to what it may need to keep it healthy.  Ie. If it lives in a swamp you know it likes to be moist.

10. Feed your plants only when they are actively growing through spring and summer. Reduce nutrients in the fall and don't feed in the winter.

Bonus tip.

If you have plants that prefer to be dry and you feel they may need some water but are afraid of over watering; just water on one side of the pot.