Vegetable Gardening in April 2022


Vegetable Gardening in April 2022




   I had a great time speaking to the Master Gardeners in early April. Our topic was Vegetable Gardening in 2022. It was super to get back out in front of people and share the passion of the garden. Growing your own veggies is one of the most rewarding parts of gardening as you are rewarded with healthy fresh and delicious food! I often mention about how gardening is all about anticipation and indeed it is. When it comes to flowering plants like my Tree Peonies they only bloom for about 6 days but I cant wait to see them bloom for about 10 months! In the case of Vegetables there is a big reward of flavour and especially when you can share your spoils with friends and neighbours. I always love to share freshly harvested veggies with someone who haven’t had the experience recently or ever. Its great to see their eyes grow big and to hear them start humming as the flavour starts to register. I find there are few pleasures in life that match this experience.  But back to growing these lovely morsels. A few quick garden tips to remember:


- Consistent watering helps prevent bitterness

- Minimal tilling helps the soil form a good structure for plants

- Roots breathe oxygen so don’t over water

- Small seeds need light to germinate so plant them in a shallow depression (don’t bury)

- Compost releases organic acid that help to dissolve and coat nutrients making them more available to plants.

- Protect your crops with chicken wire suspended over the beds

- Plan to prevent insect problems with insect screen once plants have established

- Stop the cats from using your beds as a litter box by covering with chicken wire or just leave your tomato cages on the beds surfaces until the plants grow in.

- Check your days to harvest of your crops to be sure you are starting them at the right time.

- Plant plants that like being cold early and don’t plant warm loving plants until the weather and soil is warm.



   One tip that I use in my garden is I always plant 2 types of each veggie when Im adding something new. For example I want to grow beats but I have tried them in my garden yet so I may not know which type to grow. So by trying 2 types, I should have better luck with one than the other. Every garden is different and there will be a good variety for you but its a process to find the best types for your spot.  And don’t forget to track what you grow so you can make the changes that lead to success!
Ken Salvail