What To Do In The Garden This August

The spring always seems the busiest time of the gardening season, but there are always tasks to be done and here are our suggestions on what to do in the garden this August…

August is a time to be photographing your garden spaces. It’s when your veggies sometimes grow like crazy and flower beds just quit all together.

This is the time of year that I like to see things blooming and often in the spring months when we are planting our gardens, we forget about August and extending our colour right through till fall.

The veggie garden, as well, often has empty spots and in some areas as the squashes take over and push all the other plants over the edge.

PRO TIP: Make a computer file of your garden pictures. It is nice to have every month in the file but I think August is the most important because we spend so much time outside.

Reviewing these pictures in February is a good idea so you can see what worked and what didn’t.

I like to optimize my veggie beds so that I have all the holes filled and keep harvesting steady through the summer.

I like flower beds to be showy year round so if I review the plan in late winter, I will develop a shopping list based on my research and add some long bloomers that will add the colour I would like.

Remember to have enough repetition in your garden spaces to make it look like a well thought out plan. If you have only one bloomer in August you may want to do some spring divisions and distribute the show of blooms to all corners.

Here are the 5 top Summer Blooming Perennials:

1) Aster Frickartii

2) Phlox paniculata (many colours)

3) Echinacea ‘New Hybrids’

4) Hybiscus moschutos

5) Perovskia atriplisifolia