Alstroemeria Plants For Grow and Show!

Common Name: Peruvian Lily

Family: Alstroemeriaceae

Genus: Alstroemeria

Plant Type: Annual

Hardiness Zone(USDA): 8 - 11 (0°C)

Growth Habit: Bushy, spreading

Bloom Time: June, July, August, September (Depending on Variety)

Growth Rate: Fast

Flowering Season: Summer

Flower Colour: white, yellow, orange, red, mauve and pink

Leaf Colour: Green

Soil: Moist but well-drained. Chalk, clay, sand or loam

Exposure: Full Sun/ Part Sun (Depending on Variety)

Alstroemeria plants are one of the very best cut flowers it often out lasts every flower in the vase. As a cut flower it is a select variety that grows tall and is grown in greenhouses. It is sometimes available in nurseries in the spring and is an awesome planter specimen. The nursery varieties are often a short growing variety and are in full bloom or near when purchased and will typically bloom most of the summer. The colour selection is quite extensive so there's good a chance that there will be a colour that fits your pallet.