Anchusa Officinalis - Common Bugloss

We have chosen another weed for this week's Plant of the Week to bring awareness of these noxious and invasive plants which are, all too often, really pretty. Anchusa Officinalis - Common Bugloss - is classified within our region as a noxious weed. It is a deep rooted perennial which can grow up to 60 cm tall (2 feet). It has green lance-shaped leaved which together with the stems, are covered in stiff hairs. The purple-blue flowers have 5 petals and a white centre. The plant blooms from June until October. Up to 900 seeds can be produced from each plant. It prefers disturbed grasslands and areas of open forest and can be frequently seen in the Kelowna and surrounding areas. For more information on this and other noxious weed plants in British Columbia, visit the provincial government's website at

Anchusa officionalis 2

Anchusa officionalis