Camassia Bulbs

Native to North America, Camassia is a genus of plants in the asparagus family. Also known as wild hyacinth, the camassia or camas bulb is a spring emerging, bulbous perennial. Flowers range in color from pale lilac or white to deep purple or blue- violet and are adorned with bright yellow stamens. Depending on location and local climate, the plant will bloom from late spring to early summer. Pacific Northwest indigenous peoples and settlers alike used the bulb as a food staple and when roasted or boiled, tasted like sweet potato. As an ornamental, this deer and rodent resistant plant adds an element of beauty to full sun to part shade garden edges, rockery beds and meadows and, left undisturbed, will vigorously spread in damp soil. Divide plants in the fall and replant or plant bulbs directly. One can find camas growing in protected Garry Oak ecosystems.