Euonymus Fortunei 'Coloratus' Wintercreeper

Purple Leaf Wintercreeper is a great year-round ground cover plant. One of its main attributes is that it is evergreen; the leaves turn purple colored in the fall and remain on the plant all winter. Its growth habit of spreading along the ground and forming new roots as it grows makes it a very effective plant to use in areas where soil erosion may be a problem, for example on sloping banks. Botanical Name: Euonymus Fortunei ‘Coloratus’ Common Name: Purple Wintercreeper Plant Type: Evergreen shrub Form: Spreading Growth Rate: Moderate Size: 2’ tall and can spread up to 8’ Exposure: Partial to full sun Foliage Color: Deep green leaves in spring and summer, purple-red in fall and winter Bloom Time: Inconspicuous flowers Additional Attributes: Very little needed in the way of maintenance.

Euonymous colorata