Florist Azalea

The Potted or Florist Azalea is one of the popular plants sold for special occasions. Its one of my all time favorites. It does have a few important characteristics that Make it slightly challenging to grow. The three most important tips I can give are: #1 - Do not let this plant dry out! #2 - Keep in a bright location. #3 - Cool temperatures are preferred. As one of the most beautiful flowering plants it is worth while to give one a try. When I had the best success I would give the plant a little watering everyday then Give it a good soak about once per week. A good watering means put in the sink and soak thoroughly. I would always keep the plant right up close to a large window to allow the cool air from the window to come in contact with the plant. As large windows often have heat registers near by I would always be sure not to place the plant near the warm air blast. I was able to keep an Azalea for several years and was able to get it to re-bloom as well. These types of Plants although Shrubby cannot be planted out doors in this climate but could survive in a warm Zone 8 like in our capital Victoria. Good Luck!