Grower Coach Plant of the Week for the week of May 21 2019 is Tree Peony "Radiant'

Grower Coach Plant of the week for the Week of May 21 is the Tree Peony 'Radiant' Its a real beauty! I have been luck to have grown this one several times in my life. I planted one years ago when we owned a Perennial plant production nursery back in the 90's. It grew to be one of the best plants I've seen. Then we were sand when we moved away and left it behind. We had moved several times over the years when we finally landed where we are now. When we arrived we saw there was a tree peony in the front yard that just finished blooming and I remember saying 'I wonder what colour it is?'. 'I hope its a nice one!' Then the next spring when it bloomed I was surprised to see an old friend some how followed me home. We have enjoyed the bloom now for 12 years now and it is still impressive. Even though the Tree Peonies only bloom for about 6 to 10 days, the anticipation is there year round! Tree peonies are easy to grow, drought tolerant and are very adaptable. They survive cold temperatures in sun or shade and are best purchased in bloom if at all possible to ensure the correct colour.