Coleus, also commonly known as painted nettle, flame nettle and painted leaf, is grown for its ornate foliage. The leaves of these plants grow in eye-catching colours including white, yellow, red, pink, purple, maroon, copper and a wide range of greens. Coleus makes an attractive addition in gardens and planters. You can also grow it as a house plant. Location: Plants can be set outside after the outdoor temperature has reached 50 F Planting: Transplants should be placed 6-12 inches apart Soil: should be a well drained neutral or slightly alkaline pH soil
  • Plants should be feed monthly with an all purpose fertilizer (10-10-10)
  • Pinch the center stems of the plants to induce bushier plant growth
  • Pinch off the flower spikes as they form to induce bushier growth as well as to continue the life of the plant (once a plant is allowed to set seed it's life cycle is complete)
  • Plants should be watered thoroughly at planting time
  • Use mulch around plants to conserve moisture and to keep the soil warm
  • Take cuttings of your favorite plants in the fall prior to a killing frost and grow your coleus as a house plant
  • In February or March, take cuttings of your house plant for transplant into the garden