Helleborus Winter Jewel ™ Series ‘Painted Doubles’

This beautiful Hellebore ‘Painted Doubles’ will be the last of the Winter Jewel ™ series for our Plant of the Week. To view all the plants in the series, click on http://www.terranovanurseries.com/media/helleborus-c-82_27.html. Hellebores are a great choice for shady areas of the garden. They are deer resistant and new color variations and markings are becoming more readily available. Northwest Garden Nursery has developed this series and they are available from Terra Nova Nurseries Inc. Botanical Name: Helleborus Winter Jewel ™ Series ‘Painted Doubles’ Common Name: Double Hellebore ‘Painted Doubles’ Plant Type: Perennial Habit: Clumping Growth Rate: Moderate Size: 12” tall by 24” wide Soil Type: Best grown in well-drained, fertile, humus-rich soil. Exposure: Shade Foliage Colour: Green Bloom Colour: White, pink, red Bloom Time: March, April, May Additional Attributes: Deer resistant. Blooms can be left to dry out on the plant for extended period of interest. Blooms make a great cut flower.