Orthocarpus Barbatus - Grand Coulee Owl Clover

This week’s Plant of the Week continues our theme of highlighting endangered plants in BC. The wonderfully named Grand Coulee Owl Clover – Orthocarpus Barbatus is listed as endangered on the 'Species at Risk Act' as its few remaining populations are at continued risk from introduced weeds, grazing livestock and housing development. The Grand Coulee Owl Clover is a small annual plant with green-yellow flower spikes in early summer. Botanical Name: Orthocarpus Barbatus Common Name: Grand Coulee Owl Clover Plant Type: Annual Size: 8 to 25 cm tall Habitat: In Canada, the plant is only found in the south Okanagan-Similkameen. Found in areas of open bunchgrass at lower elevations and in open areas dominated by sagebrush. Very dry sites with sandy to gravely soils.

Grand Coulee Owl Clover