Paeonia suffruticosa - Tree Peony 'Radiant'

Tree peonies are flowering, woody shrubs that produce magnificent flowers and have been popular since the 7th century in China. The over-sized beautiful blossoms (often reaching 10 inches in diameter) in a variety of colours, are the signature characteristic of peonies. Tree peonies, will lose their leaves in the fall leaving the woody stems to winter above ground. However, you will notice leaves and blooms on tree peonies earlier in the spring than is normal for bush peonies. Tree peonies can eventually produce a shrub that is 3 to 5 feet tall, but with their slow-growing nature, likely will not achieve that size until they are decades old. Some interesting facts: • Peonies are long-lived (over 50 years). • Peonies are hardy (to USDA zone 2). • Peonies are drought tolerant. • Peonies are low maintenance. • Peonies are deer-resistant.