PJM Rhododendron

It is named for Peter J. Mezitt, the founder of Weston Nurseries in Massachusetts, the nursery that performed the first hybridization. When it's fully grown, the PJM Rhododendron is compact with a neat, mounded appearance with dense foliage. Most of these plants, especially when they're used in a landscape, grow to heights of about four or six feet, but they can grow to be as high as ten feet tall with a width of about 2/3 of its height.
During the summer months, this plant has elliptical evergreen leaves that are an inch to two-and-a-half inches long. During the winter, those leaves transform into a deep mahogany-purple color. PJM Rhododendron shows its vivid, potent lavender-pink flowers in mid-April and is a reliable bloomer. Because it's a hybrid, most PJM rhododendrons don't seed.