Plant Of the Week for August 5th is the King Tut Papyrus

The Plant of the week for the week of August 5th is the King Tut Papyrus. I have enjoyed this large patio plant every summer for at least 15 years in a row. Now here's a plant that responds to fertilization! Its frilly leaves atop stems can reach 8ft high by the end of summer and loves a sunny spot with lots of water. As a semi aquatic plant in nature it bows down its tops to the waters surface and can release parts if its self to float away and root into a river bank down stream. This bowing down of the branches is just the normal part of growing this plant. I just trim off the stems that spread out too far and keep it in the space its given. I try it with each year with different plants growing at its base and this year its the common Spider plant. I like the effect it has created this year the baby spiders we planted have really taken off and seem to love growing in these conditions. Every evening Wendy and I sit out and enjoy our garden and feel blessed to have our own special piece of nature in our small back yard. Please follow us at Grower Coach on Face book and Instagram and Listen in to the AM1150 Garden show every Saturday Morning at 8am online or the old fashioned way on your radio. Thanks for following! Ken