Plant of the Week for July 8th is The Lily group

The Plant of the week for the week of July 8th 2019 is the Lilium family. The Lilies are a must for every garden. They are one of the most fragrant of the cutting flowers and one of the most spectacular. There are several species of Lilies commonly grown. Here pictured above is the Oriental variety that blooms in mid to late July then we have the Asiatic Lilies that bloom at end of June to early July. They are pictured below (pink and white and the yellow coloured one). The Regal Lily (not shown) are known as the trumpet lilies and are tall and fragrant and bloom in July. The Martigon Lilies are one of my favourite types and are not pictured here but are easily looked up on Google. The best time to plant or move lilies is in the fall around the middle of September. I normally leave the Lily stems up to clearly mark here the bulbs are situated. The plant doesn't take up much room in the garden so is easily added in as an after thought. If you want them as cut flowers buy the taller varieties and buy lots! You can cut them once they are budded and store them in a bucket of an old beer fridge until you are ready to display them. The cold will hold them for quite a while. There are many more beautiful Lilies to enjoy so don't hold back try them all!