Prunus persica - Peach Tree

We have chosen the Peach Tree as this week’s Plant of the Week as we have just begun harvesting the early peach varieties in an orchard we manage here in Lake Country. They are delicious! Prunus persica is a deciduous tree, native to China, where it was first cultivated. The botanical species name ‘persica’ refers to its widespread cultivation in Persia before being imported into Europe and then into North America. There are many different varieties of Prunus persica in cultivation today, including the smooth skinned variety we know as nectarines. The trees reach anywhere in height from 13’ and upwards and bear pink flowers in spring. Cultivated peaches are divided into two categories - clingstone and freestone - depending on whether the stone clings to the flesh or not. If you would like to purchase a box of fresh, locally grown peaches, please contact us!