Sedum 'Touchdown Teak'

'Touchdown Teak' has amazing glossy red brown to purple-brown leaves, red stems, a vigorous low multi-crown habit, and rose red flowers in late summer. It has a low growing, multi-crown habit. "Touchdown!"

Common Name: Stonecrop

Family: Crassulaceae

Plant Category: Sedum

Plant Series: Touchdown™ Series

Plant Type: Perennial

Habit: Clumping

Size (HT/W/FL HT): 8"/16"/9"

Finish Time: Medium

Bloom Time(s): August, September

Growth Rate: Fast

Most Active Growing Season: Spring

Flowering Season: Fall

Flower Color: Pink

Soil: Very good drainage and mineral soil

pH: 5.8-7.2

Exposure: Full Sun

Additional Attribute(s): Deep South, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant

Nutritional Needs: 75 - 100 ppm

Dormancy: --

Water (Greenhouse): Dry moderately between waterings

Water (Garden): Low to moderate needs in the garden. Requires good drainage.

How Different: Unique leaf color that holds all season. Low multi-crown habit + glossy purple, brown leaves + dark rose flowers.

Landscape Value: Mixed beds, borders, rock garden, containers.

Finish Time to 4": 8 to 10 weeks