The Grower Coach plant of the week for the week of Sept 10 2020 is the Rose Of Sharon

The plant of the week for the week of August 12 is the Rose of Sharon! The Hybiscus syracus is one of the best summer blooming shrubs for the garden. They can grow to over 10 ft tall eventually and are available is a wide range of colours and both singe and double blooms. Yes they are related to the tropical Hibiscus rosa sinensis only able to survive cold winters without much issue! These plants although seemingly large, if left alone develop a tear drop shape over time and take up much less space side to side that up and down. If they are kept well fed the foliage maintains a deep green colour nicely enhancing the flowers effects. The spent flowers often turn a dark shade of the original flower adding a nice secondary colour that can add additional beauty! These plants are not completely deer resistant but are not their favorite snack so we rate these shrubs as 94% deer resistant. Thanks for checking out our plant of the week check our blog and past podcasts for more gardening information! Ken Salvail